Safety is a rightfully deserved quality of any consumer goods.

Moreover, home laundering is a very basic end-user environment for garment/soft toys.

So, it is a best practice to adopt home laundering as the core process in product interity.

For the benefit of customers, safety tests, according to CPSIA, CPSC, EN71 and ASTM F963.... should be also conducted after home laundering procedures -- a very basic end-use environment as a core of product integrity process.

Mechanical safety tests are especially important !

Unlike chemical tests…, poor product mechanical safety is mainly caused by bad workmanship & product design. Therefore, product mechanical safety should be well tested throughout the process from product design to its end-use conditions.

  To simulate home laundering (a very basic end-use environment), there are 3 basic requirements:
  Standard Washer / Dryer
    Dummy Loading / Standard Ballast
    Standard Reference Detergent / Domestic Detergent

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