Gar-Tex specializes in all mechanical safety testers (e.g. SafGuard Universal Mechanical Safety Tester, Sharp Edge Tester & Needle Detector) mainly used in Garment & Toys Industries.

Unlike others, SafGuard universal mechanical safety testers have been adopted by most major retailers & world renowned brands (e.g. GAP, Ralph Lauren childrenswear, M&S, and H&MíK) and all leading consumers' goods testing labs (e.g. BV MTL-ACTS, Intertek, SGS, & STR...).

Custom engineered clamps are available to be used with SafGuard upon request. Software driven SafGuard is also available for more advanced & sophisticated tests programmably (i.e. constant force & speedíK).

SafGuard clamps can be also used in other testers & UTM.


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